Lil' Alert Mates Fred Snapper

Lil' Alert Mates Fred Snapper

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Lil' Alert Mates Fred Snapper

Lil' Alert Mates are innovative color devices for continuously detecting and monitoring toxic free ammonia. They work just like Ammmonia Alert but are designed to appeal to the young aquarist. A sensor changes reversibly from yellow to green to blue, relative to the ammonia concentration. No test kits, chemicals, or procedures are needed. The device detects less than 0.05 mg/L (ppm) free ammonia and alerts you to the #1 killer before any sign of stress. It lasts over a year and replacement sensors are available. Marine or freshwater use.

In the absence of free ammonia the unit will assume a yellow or faint yellow-green color. It is normal for the dry sensor to have a greenish hue. It may take up to a few days for a dry sensor to equilibrate with the water. No sampling of water, chemicals, or test procedures are required. The presence of the free ammonia is detectable continuously with a response time of about 15 minutes. Response to decreasing ammonia is slower, requiring about 4 hours to go from TOXIC to SAFE on removal of ammonia.

Why Its Different
Lil' Alert Mates last over times as long as competing ammonia detection products. They are also almost half the size of competing products. They're small, clear, and unobtrusive, so they won't detract from the view of your aquarium. And Lil' Alert Mates are designed for kids, with three different characters for boys and girls.


1. Peel
Peel off the protective plastic to reveal your Lil' Alert Mate's yellow sensor.

2. Stick
Place your Lil' Alert Mate on the inside of your fish bowl or aquarium so they are peering out at you. Press the suction cup firmly to the interior of the glass. Be careful not to touch the yellow sensor.

3. Watch
Check on your Lil' Alert Mate daily to assure the safety of your fish. The yellow sensor will change color to alert you to the presence of toxic ammonia.

yellow = no problems
green = time for a water change
blue = change water now or use ammonia removal products