JBL The 7+13 Kugeln Balls
JBL The 7+13 Kugeln Balls

JBL The 7+13 Kugeln Balls

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  • Primary care for plant roots: specially produced clay balls loaded with nutrients, for freshwater aquariums
  • Storage capacity for nutrients. No deficiency symptoms: important trace elements such as iron, minerals
  • Optimal promotion of plant growth means less algae growth. No phosphates and nitrates
  • The stronger the root development of the plant, the better the nutrient absorption through the roots
  • Package contents: 1 pack The 7 + 13 balls, 20 fertiliser balls. To use: depending on the size of the plant, press one or more balls into the root zone once a year



  • Nutrition for aquarium plants
  • Healthy plants are important for every aquarium.
  • Plants supply the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium dwellers, prevent algae growth and remove pollutants.
  • Healthy plants = healthy fish
  • Healthy plants prevent algae growth, supply oxygen, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce pathogens.
  • For the plants to flourish the following demands need to be met:
  • Light as energy source for the photosynthesis of CO2, nutrients and trace elements as growth promoters.
  • With JBL fertilisers you supply the plants with all main nutrients and essential trace elements.
  • This way the plants get all the required nutrients they need to absorb over the leaves and roots to prevent deficiency symptoms (e.g. iron deficiency).