GEX Betta Food

GEX Betta Food

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GEX Betta Food 20g

  • Suppressing water stains with three good bacteria formulation, it is a solid food that supports solid health.
  • Decrease the dirt of the bottom of the tank, such as Hun, by about 33%. (Gex lab examination)
  • It is a very small grain size matched to the small solid mouth.
  • Because it is floating, it is easy to find a solid and has less food leftovers.


Vitamins (A, B, D3, E), minerals (phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron), thickening (fish meal, flour, shrimp meal, soy flour, wheat germ, dry yeast, shrimp paste, Stabilizer (gluten), coloring agent

Guaranteed Analysis:-

Crude protein – 40.0% or more,
Crude fat – 4.0% or more
Crude fiber – 4.0% or less
Crude ash content – 15.0% or less
Water content – 9.0% or less