COLOER Polyurethane Foam Adhesives 900ml

COLOER Polyurethane Foam Adhesives 900ml

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Coloer spray foam is formulated to retain its dispensed color and blend naturally into the surrounding landscape.. It bonds quickly to multiple type of rock, stone, cement, wood and cloth and is ideal for replacing loose mortar in rock walls. It can also be used to direct water flow in pond or waterfall applications and it's safe for use around fish or plants.


**For every single bottle comes by with free plastic nozzle spray.**


Features & Benefits


Bonds with rock, stone, wood and most aquarium and pond materials

comes in 2 type of color : GREY and BROWN

Won't discolor like conventional foam – no painting needed

Expands to fill gaps and voids

Easier and less expensive than mortar

Superior adhesion

Fills holes in trees to seal out pests

Use as a craft foam for artificial plants