Tetra Goldfish-Gold Growth

Tetra Goldfish-Gold Growth

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Premium food for all Goldfish. For growth, energy and vitality. Biologically balance. High quality complete food that is extremely easy to digest, and which keeps your goldfish in top condition. Now with ActiveFormula for a longer and healthier life, and improved resisitance to disease. Blended in high quality protein and energy for maximising growth rates.

Excellent digestibility at both high and low temperatures. Pellets soften quickly making them very easy to eat. Ideal, high quality diet for both fancy and ordinary goldfish.

Protein 43% Oil 9.5% Fibre 2% Ash 7% Moisture 8%

113 grams

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed as much as your fish can eat within a few minutes. Remove unconsumed food therafter.
Feed 2-3 times a day as much as the fish can eat within a few minutes.