Pro-Feed Type 3

Pro-Feed Type 3

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Pro-Feed Type 3 is a high protein larval feed that is highly recommended for medium sized fishes such as cardinal tetra, adult guppy and molly.

The *SECRET INGREDIENT* that makes this one of the leading brand of fish food in the market is the Squid Meal which gives the food a very distinct fragrance that entice even the most picky eaters.

With over 56% of protein, it provides fishes with all the key element for strong and healthy growth! 


Additional Info:

Micro Pellets 50g

High Protein Larval Feed
Amazing Water Cleanliness
Recommended for Grow out fish & Young fry

Pellet Size: XS | 0.20 – 0.36 mm

Fish meal, Krill Meal, Squid Meal
Crude Protein (Min.) 56.3%
Crude Fat (Min.) 9%
Crude Fiber 3.2%
Crude Ash (Max.) 16%
Calcium (Min.) 2.4%
Phosphorus (Min.) 1.6%