N30 TANK Premium Epsom Salt 400g

N30 TANK Premium Epsom Salt 400g

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N30 Premium Epsom Salt 400g (N0055) Fish Disease Treatment

Treats mild dropsy, bloating, exophthalmia (Swelling of the eyes / popeye), and constipation. Helps to maintain osmotic balance in fishes. Stress reliever for all fishes.


  1. Do not use EPSOM Salt with antibiotics.
  2. Always perform 20% partial water change before usage of Epsom Salt.
  3. Use 5g/L for 3 days. Perform water change when the condition of fish improves.
  4. For fish with swollen eyes or poor appetite, use 3g/L for 3 days.
  5. For prophylactic and prevention, use 1g/L.


  • External use only!
  • Keep out of children reach!
  • Store in cool, dry places, away from direct heat and sunlight!