ANS Opticube High Clarity Aquarium Tank - Slim Models

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High end crystal clear rimless aquariums with an extensive variety of sizes to fit your needs!
***All models are provided with our ANS Tank Cover Holder. 
Super clear glass provides gentle unobstructed viewing
Super clear silicon with superior workmanship
OPTICLEARs are crafted and designed specially for aqua hobbyists and aqua scapers. With its sleek appeal and clean look, it is not just an aquarium tank, but also an art piece for your home or office. Beautifully crafted tanks with superior clarity.

  • 30S - 30x15x20cm (5mm) (Slim)
  • 35S - 35x17x22cm (5mm) (Slim)
  • 40S - 40x19x24cm (5mm) (Slim)
  • 45S - 45x21x26cm (5mm) (Slim)
  • 60S - 60x23x28cm (6mm) (Slim)