SICCE Canister Filter (SPACE EKO+ 100 / For 100L Tank)

SICCE Canister Filter (SPACE EKO+ 100 / For 100L Tank)

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SICCE Canister Filter (SPACE EKO+ 100 / For 100L Tank)

SICCE ‘s range of Canister filters has been now improved with the new SPACE EKO+ 100 (up to 100 liter Aquarium ), EKO+ 200 (up to 200 liter Aquarium) and EKO+ 300 (up to 300 liter Aquarium).
SPACE EKO+ range ensure that your Aquarium and Terraquarium water will have amazing clarity thanks to the high quality filtration material supplied in each baskets. In fact, all of our SPACE EKO+ have been conceived and designed with the latest design techniques, to ensure crystal Aquarium water.

SPACE EKO+ line is supplied with


  • Easy and practical design
  • Works every time 
  • Never fails to start the filter 
  • Can be used with any shape or size aquarium 
  • Starts filter effortlessly in less than a minute


  • Flow rate adjustment on top of filter 
  • No need to move the filter
  • No more crawling under the tank cabinet just for small adjustments 
  • Another practical solution from SICCE to make life easier for the hobbyist 
  • SICCE, better by design

SPACE EKO+ is designed to provide mechanical, chemical and biological filtration:

 Mechanical Filtration - Special sponge elements remove micro-particulates, resulting in crystal water and the proper environment for both biological and chemical filtration. 
 BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION Conversion of ammonia and nitrites (both toxic for fish) into nitrates.
Beneficial nitrifying bacteria convert harmful wastes in the presence of oxygen. 
 Fine Mechanical filtration - collection of finer impurities and for prolonging the life of the biological filtration.

After a short run-in period purification bacteria lodge in the foam material (Mechanical filtration stages 1-2-3) and ensure the intensive, biological decomposition of toxins.

SPACE EKO+ filters are built with low energy = low running costs silent motors and a Self-Cleaning lubricated impeller helps insure longer service life.
Every SPACE EKO+ is simple to install, and are supplied with lift-lock clamps provide quick access and secure closure and for quick access to the pump for easy maintenance.