AQUAEL UV Sterilizer 3w
AQUAEL UV Sterilizer 3w

AQUAEL UV Sterilizer 3w

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Aquael Uv Light Steriliser 3 W

  • UV Clarifier (UV Steriliser) for use on outdoor filters for the fish, tank and aquarium.
  • 'kills algae spores, pathogenic Keimer, protozoans and fights the Berüchtigte algae bloom "
  • Power: 3 W, recommended for up to 120 L Aquarium
  • Lampe interchangeable, durability: 8000 hours
  • Connects to hose 12/16 mm

The Aquael UV 3 Watt is a UV Clarifier (UV steriliser) For use on outdoor filters for aquariums.

UV Clarifier kills algae spores, pathogenic germs and protozoans and creating crystal clear water and healthy living conditions in the aquarium. Essential are you, e.g. in the famous?Algae bloom?, When the whole sink in mist versinkt.
The Aquael 3 Watt UV Clarifier is suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums up to approximately 120 litres can be used effectively and can be left in the return any outer filter for up to a flow capacity of 650 l/h and 12/16 mm Hose connection.

Especially the manufacturer Unimax filters of the same Aquael is also a protection during installation The inside of the filter.

The UV lamp has an average lifespan of 8,000 hours and requires some simple arranging to achieve best to replace. It can be seen at any time at a glance whether the lamp even burns. Further maintenance works are not necessary.

Technical details:
- Connection to Hose 12/16 mm (return of the filters)
- Power of UV lamp: 3 W, Power consumption 3.5 Watt
- Recommended for aquariums up to 120 litres
- For use with outdoor filters up to 650 L/H Flow Capacity